Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God with Gio Pennachietti


February 7th, 2021

1 hr 33 mins 38 secs

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Francis E. Dec (1926-1996) was a disbarred lawyer who wrote and circulated a series of pamphlets detailing the world's subjugation by the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God. He was largely ignored for much of his life, but his writings eventually gathered a cult following because of their unique depiction of a theme common both to late twentieth century science fiction and critical theory: the ubiquitous and subtle operation of technological control systems. Artist writer, and gonzo philsopher Gio Pennachietti joins Outsider Theory for a wide-ranging discussion of Dec's work and its connections to an array of other cultural phenomena from Dec's era and our own. We conclude with a brief and only tangentially related discussion of the art of the late Thomas Kinkade, another shared interest of ours.

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